Blissful Shots Photography
Making memories to last generations

Photo Parties

Photo Parties are a great way to get family and friends together and capture fun memories. 

The type of photos taken will be up to your guest's. Each guest will create their own memories by choosing who they would like to bring along to include in their photos. 

-Individual     -Family     -Children     -Friends

-Couples     -Mother/Daughter     -Generations


These are fun for both kids and adults! Here are some ideas.

-Pirate     -Princess     -Pajama     -Circus     -Halloween

-Easter     -Western     -Luau     -Sports     -Masquerade

Host / Hostess Benefits

With 5 paid guest sessions you will receive a complimentary:

15 Minute photo session, (1) CD of all your high resolution photos and a picture package ( a $20.00 value).

Picture package includes:

(2) 8x10's, (2) 5x7"s, (16) Wallets, (16) 4x6's

With 10 paid guest sessions you will receive a complimentary:

30 minute photo session, (1) CD of your high resolution photos a picture package (same as above) and (1) 11x14 portrait.


The cost per guest is $20.00.

For this minimal fee you will receive a 10 minute photo session.

(Photographer will assist with posing if needed.)

All photos taken will be emailed to each paying guest within 48hrs after editing process. The proofs emailed to you are yours to keep.

Let's see how many fun ones we can capture!!

(No printed photos are included in the photo sessions, only the proofs emailed.)

Picture Packages

Picture packages may be purchased upon request.

$20.00 per package


(2) 8x10's, (2) 5x7's, (16) Wallets (16) 4x6's

(4) Wallets may be exchanged for a 5x7

You may choose up to 2 proofs for the picture package. The 2 photos chosen will be professionally edited and emailed to the guest for approval prior to printing.

Special Editing

Special editing may be done upon request. Once you receive your proofs by email, if you would like special editing applied to your photos just let us know. Photo proofs will be emailed to you within 48hrs of request.   

 The fee for special edtiting is $5.00 per proof or $3.00 per proof when 2 or more are ordered.

Here are examples of the special editing we offer.

Orton Affect-More Vibrant Color with blurring affect Vignette Affect-Adds a shadded border around image
Bokeh Affect- Small focal area with remaining photo blurred out. Low Key & High Key Affect- increases contrast, color, and Black & White affects.
Reverse Black & White- Transformed to Black & White with some color added back to photo.